Leverage Medeloop’s suite of products to seamlessly conduct end-to-end clinical research, or simply select the individual product that best meets your needs
Find and write grants efficiently using AI
Bring your research project to Medeloop and we’ll help find and apply to relevant grants
Using AI we can help you apply for multiple grants, increasing your likelihood of obtaining funding.
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Medeloop Apply for Grants
Streamline clinical studies with the Medeloop participant app and researcher app
Recruit participants
Real-time analytics and reporting on recruitment efforts
Strategic partnerships with participants advocacy groups
Participant engagement and retention solutions
AI-driven participant identification
Engagement & education through digital platforms
Customized recruitment solutions
medeloop mobile app
Onboard participants
Seamlessly collect participant data with the Medeloop participant app
Participants can:
Sign 21 CFR part 11 compliant documents (consent forms, HIPAA waivers, etc).
Retrieve electronic medical records (EMR) from 16,500+ hospitals & medical clinics.
Connect to over 220 wearable devices (e.g., Apple Watch, Fitbit, CGMs).
View environmental data sets (CDC Environmental Justice Index).
Scan and log food intake using computer vision.
Connect with other participants from the same cohort.
Respond to surveys sent by researchers.
Communicate with the research team.
Upload symptoms using voice or text.
Visualize their data.
Execute assessment tasks.
Upload symptoms using voice or text.
Manage your study
Streamline your studies with the Medeloop researcher web application
Experience a new level of research management and data analysis with:
Comprehensive study management
Advanced data visualization
Participant insight
Data annotation
Engagement tools
Custom health metric requests
Instant updates
Medeloop manage study
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Ingest, harmonize, and run analytics using our Autonomous AI Research Agent
Aggregate data from thousands of disparate sources onto one platform:
Hospital data sets
Medeloop analytics
Harmonize data Medeloop screen
Ensure all data is properly linked, cleaned, harmonized, and compliant with the highest industry interoperability, privacy, and security standards, including HIPAA and SOC 2
Query & analyze data
Talk to your data set
Ask questions, get accurate answers
Use generative AI and natural language processing (NLP) to query and analyze vast data sets
Knowledge graphs and database linking
Interactive data analysis
Audit trails and enhanced editing
Participant insight
Query data with NLP: Explore new hypotheses using a simple “no-code” interface. Simply ask a question using plain language and get instant results. Identify trends, patterns and biomarkers.
Medeloop Query & Analyze Data screen
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Quickly produce manuscripts using AI
Write manuscripts quickly and efficiently using our text editor that leverages advanced large language models (LLMs)
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Medeloop Publish findings Screen