For Clinical Care

Medeloop leads in transforming healthcare with its efficient remote patient monitoring system, aiming to cut costs, enhance experiences, and improve outcomes. Our technology integrates with wearables and medical devices for continuous health tracking. 

Data Collection
Real-time data collection and monitoring
medeloop - real time data collection and monitoring
Integration with Devices

Connect patient devices like Apple Watch, Fitbit, glucose monitors, blood pressure cuffs, and more, providing a complete health overview.

Symptom Reporting

Patients can report symptoms through Medeloop, alerting their clinical care team immediately to potential health issues, ensuring timely intervention.

Real-Time Monitoring

Providers can track key health metrics like blood pressure and blood sugar in real time, allowing quick treatment adjustments for proactive care

Advanced Symptom & Diet Tracking

Utilizing computer vision tools, patients can scan their food items, aiding in dietary management and nutritional tracking directly through the app

Instant Health Alerts

Clinicians get notifications for patients showing health declines, enabling fast intervention and plan adjustments. This real-time monitoring helps prevent issues from worsening, improving care and minimizing emergencies

Patient Communication
Patient communication channels
Home Monitoring Documentation

Patients receive all necessary home monitoring documentation and instructions via the Medeloop app, ensuring they have the support and information needed for effective home care

Direct Communication & Interactive Questionnaires

Medeloop streamlines patient-care team interaction through two-way messaging, questionnaires and surveys, gathering essential health data for personalized care adjustments

Integration with Devices

Providers can send tasks directly to patients through the platform, enabling efficient execution and monitoring of activities like motion analysis, tremors analysis and others

medeloop - patient communication channels
Medeloop - community for patients
A sense of community for patients
Community Engagement Tool

Patients can engage with peers facing similar health challenges within the Medeloop community, fostering a support network and enabling shared experiences and insights with others undergoing similar treatments

In-depth patient health analytics

Advanced Data Visualization

An intuitive dashboard shows all patient data, highlighting those needing immediate attention. This allows for swift communication and intervention, improving safety and 


Insightful Analytics

Our analytics capabilities identify health trends, guiding strategies to prevent hospital readmissions, leading to better patient outcomes and reduced costs

Medeloop - Patient health analytics
medeloop mobile app
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